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Are we not all #brothers and #sisters?
Finding myself
Where do we stand as humans?
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When did you choose to be straight?

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The Ridiculous Idea that there must be a missing link
By: David Rader II on July 02, 2008 @ 6:21 PM

Many people including scientists have thought that there must be a missing link for Darwins theory of evolution to be through. Well, within the next few paragraphs here you'll see why that's a completely ridiculous notion to consider that there "must" be a missing link.

While the theory of evolution may be true, the biggest flaw is that it doesn't consider environmental forces directly changing us. Darwins theory suggests that we basically change ourselves through an ability-or inability to survive with "random" mutations. In a completely controlled environment however, there are likely no random mutations, but that's another story altogether.

There is a ridiculous number of environmental substances which can alter us before and after birth. Radiation being the prime example, which is spread throughout the universe and caused by a number of things. There are even "toxins" which may alter DNA, such as certain mold toxins and other environmental toxins.

With some DNA altering substances being spread on massive scales, it seems to be blindsiding the issue by denying the possibility, or even the high likelihood that environmental substances may be playing a role in the process of evolution. While there would be few bad examples of mass-scale DNA altering substances having their effect (because things effected badly would be no more), there may be many living examples of DNA altering substances gone right, such as chemical changes through courses of diet which would greatly add to reasons for why different people and animals vary so much from place to place when they have the same basic environmental challenges- It's not definitely because people less equipped die off and only leave the people most equipped, it's also likely that foods of the area, toxins, and other environmental factors could literally be changing the people from the inside out.

Tags: dna evolution missing link radiation

#1 David Rader July 02, 2008 @ 6:33 PM
Also, since chemical attributes can alter DNA, it makes a good cause that if products from exercising actually can be passed on to offspring. Since exercising induces the body to produce more of its naturally occurring chemicals. Does increased adrenaline or other natural hormones in extraordinarily high or low amounts produce events unknown to modern science? Here's a list of some human hormones

And I wonder what the 70,000+ commercially used chemicals in the USA are doing to us... See here:

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