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Broken Hard Drive? New Software!
By: David Rader II on April 18, 2009 @ 6:04 PM

Kissing the old goodbye:
So my computer hard drive, where many pictures, emails, arts, Windows, and more were, suddenly stopped working the other week.

I tried to fix it, but there was little I could do, considering opening it up voided the warranty. Luckily I can send it back and they'll send me another one that's been renewed from Western Digital, who made it. Apparently they wont try to fix it and give me back the same one though. So I have to kiss all that stuff I had on their goodbye. MUAH!

Bigger and Better!
How many guys wish they could say that?! Well luckily, I'm not one of them now that I have my new new, much bigger hard drive of 1 Terrabyte (that's plenty room for way over 300,000 mp3's for you music lovers out there). It was also cheap in comparison to my old hard drive!

Speaking of cheap, I searched and found a fresh list of Free Software for 2009. I've installed a whole crap load, many of which I've already been using for years, including GIMP, Inkscape, and Paint.NET (all for art). Here's the somewhat extensive list with short but sweet software reviews on, whose magazines I like to look at in the magazine isles and on a occasion buy if I like what's inside. The free software list is pretty awesome though.

What's most awesome about all of this though, is that I'll be able to get back to blogging now that my PC is working again! I'm going to make a backup of my computer using one of the free programs offered on that list, DriveImage. Having an "image" backup of your PC is one of the best security measures anyone can take- If your computer gets riddled with viruses beyond trust, you can erase EVERYTHING and put the original "image" of your computer back in its place, making your computer just like the day you made the "image" of it- minus anything new you've put on it since then though, so it is a "hard" security choice.

Paint.NET actually works with Windows XP and Vista, and was at least a partially mentored project by Microsoft so that's probably why it's remained so stable for me. I recommend it for Windows users for most image editing. But never ever to do anything so childish as put a friends head on top of a nude body. That would just be wrong. My good friend Necoidian (who's been playing with his new fandangle and fancy 2nd Generation iPhone posting images to his blog) could be witness to that.

This was updated, cuz it was messed up the first time, and is now more fancy.

Tags: backup computers free gimp harddrive inkscape microsoft security software vista

#1 Brochure Printing May 22, 2009 @ 2:43 AM
I hate it when that happens! I've lost countless files when my hard drive crashed. That's happened twice already. It's really frustrating! I hope it doesn't happen to you again. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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